Freelance Writer, Ghost-writer, EditorHi. I’m Pooja and I’m glad you’re here.

I ghost write books, edit copy and write a lot of stuff for businesses like yours. All projects are made with love.

If you’re looking for damn fine writing, you’ve come to the right place (no pun intended).

Contact me to find out how I can help.

Why Hire a Freelance & Ghost Writer

Many reasons. For one, a freelancer is an asset to your business — never a liability. No hassles of payroll, sick leaves and exorbitant agency fees. You pay as you go for what you need.

Plus, you get a pair of fresh eyes from someone who is not an internal employee but 100% committed.

What You Get at Damn Fine Writing

A great listener. A ghost writer’s job depends on the intricate details, many of which go unsaid during calls and meetings. As an experienced ghost writer, I have developed an edge over writing in a voice with which the reader connects. As a meticulous editor, I have a finger on the pulse of what readers love.

Piqued by challenge, I endeavour to be the best at whatever I do, and have the right professional skills and experience to create a book or write copy that your audience won’t put down.

Damn Fine Writing provides complete freelance writing, ghost writing and editing solutions. Whether it is an exhaustive re-write, minor polishing tweaks or proofreading that you need, I can help bring your projects to life.


I approach every project uniquely — when it comes to clear communication, there is no one-size-fits-all solution; there are no quick-fixes. Each business is different, and so are your needs and requirements.

I get that and provide solutions which are tailor-made for your unique project.

Newsletters + Blogs

Got a weekly, fortnightly or monthly newsletter going out? Have a blog that you update regularly?

If not, you should. Newsletters and blogs are a great way to keep your customers’ memory fresh and remind them you exist. What’s more, you can share useful tips and tricks of the trade, so your subscribers look forward to receiving more content from you.

But writing and sending out regular newsletters and posts takes time. If you’re juggling a zillion tasks as a solo business owner, why not get in touch with us to discuss your needs now?

Every second lost is an opportunity wasted. Your readers want to hear from you — don’t keep them waiting long. Reach me to discuss more now.

Copy Editing

Got your work ready but not sure if it is any good? Get your editing done before you send your baby out in the big bad world of publishing.

I offer copyediting or line editing on manuscripts, websites, blog posts, articles and newsletters. Please contact me for quotes and more information.


Don’t let that awkward sentence steal your show! Get real proofreading done on your work that involves checking for awkward grammar, punctuation, capitalisation, typos and spelling mistakes. You get clean, concise, correct copy without having to open the thesaurus.

Website Copywriting

So you know how to leverage your Twitter and Facebook profiles and capture audience attention. Great!

But did you know websites still remain the most preferred way of prospects reaching you? Rest assured, if you want to be found, website is the way to go. Your business website is dynamic and allows for a much more robust experience for the users.

If you want to bring your business ideas to life with fresh and effective web copy, reach me here.

Ghostwriting Blog Posts and Ebooks

Blogs are a must for any business. They are a great content marketing tool so your website can attract new eye balls every day. Plus, Google loves fresh content, so it’s good for SERP rankings too.

You can use an ebook as a “lead magnet” or freebie in return of your prospect’s email address for your blog. You can also use ebooks to create courses, as a part of your educational workshops, or as a gift to your loyal clients.

Got a great idea for an ebook but don’t have time to write? Hire me to get started today!

Alternatively, if you have no clue what ebook you should offer, take the pressure off your shoulders by talking to me for consulting + writing.

Damn Fine Writing is based in Melbourne, Australia but thanks to the Internet mojo, we deliver work internationally.

Send me an email at and let’s discover new ways to make your project shine!

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