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How to Write Awesome Copy for Your Business

How to write awesome copy for businessSome people say that content is king. I’d like to take it a step further and say that great content is king. But how do you know whether your copy is great or just mediocre?

Anyone can write. Literally. But not everyone can write copy that converts. As a business owner, you will bump into many situations that call for writing awesome content.

On his blog, Brian Clark shares the number one secret to writing a great copy and it’s this: Write words what your readers can relate with. That’s one neat piece of advice.

Here are some more tips to make your copy engaging and great:

1. Model impactful over lengthy and obscure: It’s been said over and again — don’t reinvent the wheel. If you know someone who is good at writing copy that connects with their customers, model that person. What words do they use, how do they open their piece and what’s the tone? Modelling is one of the techniques that comes from Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP. And from personal experience, I can say it’s pretty effective if you apply it in your everyday life, not just business.

2. Stay close to your original message: What’s the purpose of your copy? Is it to drive the customers to your new website? To introduce a new service? To bring in more sales? Be clear on your purpose and then tackle the copy. Begin with the end in mind — always!

3. Proofread: No writing is a job well done unless it includes the final steps of editing and proofreading. Even if you don’t realise the importance of well-written and grammatically sound content, edit and proofread heartlessly. Your spell check software may not mark them but your readers will note those “knot”s in the place in place of “not”s and “hear” instead of “here”. This also applies for words with the same spelling but different contextual meanings. For example, “down” could mean the opposite of up or someone who’s feeling low lately.

Awesome, precise and clear writing is a craft that takes time to develop. Like any other thing, practise makes perfect writing. There is no exact way to write, neither is any form of writing right or wrong. Writing is subjective and takes consistent work (and rework at times). So don’t be afraid to dive in and give it a shot!

That said, sometimes it is wise to leave the work to the experts. Delegation and outsourcing are ways of the smarter business woman or man.

If you’re after a fine copy for your business, get in touch with me at pooja [at] ghostwriterpooja.com.au and we’ll work our magic for you.

4 Reasons to Hire a Freelance Writer

Reasons to hire a freelance writerSo you’re wondering: “What’s the point in hiring a freelance writer and pay someone extra to write? After all, I can write — I am educated well enough!”

Before you go any further, hold that thought.

If you’re a small business or an entrepreneur starting out, you have far too many things to bother about apart from the writing of your brochures, websites and ebooks (yes, ebooks are in if you’re proactive with your marketing!). And if you’re an established business, this holds true for you even more.

Here are some reasons that make hiring a freelance writer a smart decision to make:

1. Save Money: With a freelance writer, you don’t worry about the taxes or paying regular hourly wages. Freelance writers can be hired on a project-basis and there is no other requirement on your part as there would be when you’re hiring someone in-house. Plus, freelancers work from home or their own office, so you don’t have to worry about the space constraints either!

2. Look Professional: Every second, your customers are being bombarded with millions of bits of information. Among the chaos, who would you like to be? Just another company that is trying to grab their attention or a company that’s professional and attracts customers through an engaging message? Most writers these days know how to create a SEO (Search Engine Optimised) copy which is a must in today’s Google-dominated world.

3. Someone to Trust: Once you hire a freelancer, the project becomes their first priority. The fact that a freelance writer doesn’t get paid completely until they deliver the goods is something in your favour. A professional freelance writer will not stop until they’ve blown your mind and exceeded your expectations. You finally have someone to depend on — someone on whom you can rely.

4. Get Quality: A freelance writer won’t stop until you’re absolutely happy with the delivery. Why? Because they, along with the work, are their own product. The way a freelance writer conducts business, their attitude and their professionalism all form a part of their business. So you’re bound to get quality when you choose to work with one.

But before you hire a writer, ask yourself if you’re absolutely sure about them. There are many “writer” in the market who  are a dime a dozen with sub-par quality, but they are not who you’re after!

Ready to hire a freelance writer to bring your ideas to life? Contact me for a free quote today!

What Does a Ghost Writer Do?

What does a ghost writer do?Despite what it sounds like, a “ghost writer” is not a ghost but a real deal. So what does a ghost writer do? It’s an accepted industry standard to hire and brief someone so as to come up with a book, an article, a story or a blog post for publication. This means as an author of the piece, you will explain what you’re after to your ghost writer.

It’s highly unlikely that a ghost writer does all the writing by themselves — at the bare minimum, you will be providing them with the dot points or core ideas you want to be covered.

A ghost writer is also a subject matter expert in specific genres. It could be that you have an almost finished manuscript, or a rough draft which needs editing. In such a case, most of the work is done by the author and the ghost writer comes in to polish the manuscript so as to make it fit to be accepted for publishing.

You can hire a ghost writer for several genres of work. If a ghost writer is engaged for an autobiography, he or she will interview the author, their friends and family and refer to the self-notes given by the author. Or, if it is a self-help book, the ghost writer, along with author notes, will do quite a bit of research on their own.

Typically, writers get paid by the hour or flat project-wise fees. If you want an article ghost written, the cost is anywhere from $1 to $4 a word. If it is a 200-300 page book, the price can anywhere vary from $12,000 to $25,000, however, some experienced ghost writers may charge more than that.

Depending on your contract, you may or may not acknowledge the ghost writer for their work after the book is published.

Celebrities and public figures hire ghost writer on a regular basis. It could be either because they don’t have the writing skills, or they don’t have the time and/or effort to invest in the book.

So if you have a rocking idea but don’t know how to put it into words, why not get in touch with a ghost writer and discuss your next best-seller during a one-on-one meet!

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Got a Story Inside You?

Got a story inside you?Is there a book within you that is dying to come out? Are you eagerly waiting for a time to see your name in pixels or print? And is it that you know you have a great story to tell but just when you sit down to write, all you can think about is the blank screen staring back at you? This is when you would ideally consider working with a ghost writer.

Or, you may be sitting on the other side of the fence. You are perhaps wondering if you really have something to share. Not every story will hit a home run with every reader, and there in lies the key. I am a firm believer that there is no failure, there is only feedback.

Some will enjoy what you have to share, some will connect with it, some will be moved even. But not all. And that’s not even the point. If your book touches even one person, won’t you feel accomplished already?

That said, it is highly unlikely that your book resonates with only a single reader. What’s more, once you meet your ghost writer one-on-one, you will have refined ideas as to whether this is a great theme for a book or not.

Let me say this upfront: It is okay to feel “I do have lots of things to say — but will anyone care?” You have the permission to feel confused. Wait, what did I just say?

I re-write, you have the permission to feel confused, lost and unsure. Your little voice within is shrieking “Don’t go there! That’s unknown territory!” And I get that. But I would just say “Thank you” to that voice and keep moving on. Would you?

If you wish to share your story with the world, Damn Fine Writing can help you fast-track your publishing career. From memoirs, self-help how-to’s to articles and press releases, web copy and newsletters, you can have it all in one place.

Having ghost written three non-fiction books (all published and in print) and hundreds of articles and newsletters, I breathe, eat and sleep writing! Here’s what clients say:

I have been working with Pooja for nearly a year on two book projects. She brings a voice to the writing that is truly positive and uplifting. She is able to sift through the information and data that I provide, organize the content and bring out a voice that the reader hears and accepts without question. She is a pleasure to work with, is timely, and keeps her eye on your bottom line in terms of cost efficiency and production per unit of cost. I would highly recommend Pooja for her writing services. Peter Baksa, Author, USA.

Let me do all the work so that you can claim the honours. Get in touch online or if within Australia, call 0401 841 229.

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How to Hire a Freelance Writer

how to hire a freelance writer

Writing is an imperative leg of any business, especially in the digital age of communication. Any web-savvy prospect will first look you up online before even thinking of investing in you or buying your service or product. And today, most people can work with Google and Yahoo! search engines. After all, it doesn’t take too much to punch in keywords like “Melbourne used car seller” or “New York financial advisor”, does it?

Given the situation, you must have thought about hiring a writer for keeping your company blog up to date, writing sales pages, website content or advertisements. The Internet is full of writers for hire. Separating the wheat form the chaff and hiring a quality writer within budget could get challenging as your business grows. There are far too many sob-stories of small businesses getting almost no results because they either hired an inexperienced writer or someone who was well out of their budget.

How to Hire a Freelance Writer Fit for Your Business

Here are some tips to avoid the loopholes and hire the perfect writer for your unique business needs:

1. Website: If you’re hiring someone to write online copy along with offline content, isn’t it obvious that they have a decent writing website at the least? A professional writer should have a well-designed, clutter-free and informative website. It doesn’t have to be too fancy — a simple website will do. A website acts like the first point of contact between you and the writer, and is a great tool to gauge the skills and commitment of the writer.

2. Samples: Having a website is not enough. No website is complete without solid samples for you to see. Samples are like the professional writer’s toolkit — proof of their claims that they are fine at their craft.

3. Rates: Money is an important aspect in any business. The lower the cost of a commodity in your business, the better. However, don’t be duped by cheap rates such as $10 per piece. Think about it: Why would a professional writer with high-quality results charge so low? Aren’t they getting enough clients? Is their writing sub-standard? Are they plagiarising? Is their grammar poor? Once you’ve identified this (check their samples), you can now decide whether you want to risk your business using sub-par skills or want to look elsewhere for a reasonably priced writer who cares about your business.

4. Testimonials: Testimonials are like a stamp of confidence given to a professional writer by other business owners. A talented writer will be able to showcase testimonials and references from several clients. Beware of fake testimonials however. A way to gauge this is whether they have a link to their previous clients’ website on their testimonials page.

Hiring a freelance writer is about trust, partnership, and bringing out a quality piece of work which your audience find enjoyable, easy to understand and influencing.

I hope these pointers will help you find the right freelance writer for your business. If you’d like to discuss your needs further, feel free to get in touch with me now.

How do you hire a freelance writer? Share your tips below!

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