Reasons to hire a freelance writerSo you’re wondering: “What’s the point in hiring a freelance writer and pay someone extra to write? After all, I can write — I am educated well enough!”

Before you go any further, hold that thought.

If you’re a small business or an entrepreneur starting out, you have far too many things to bother about apart from the writing of your brochures, websites and ebooks (yes, ebooks are in if you’re proactive with your marketing!). And if you’re an established business, this holds true for you even more.

Here are some reasons that make hiring a freelance writer a smart decision to make:

1. Save Money: With a freelance writer, you don’t worry about the taxes or paying regular hourly wages. Freelance writers can be hired on a project-basis and there is no other requirement on your part as there would be when you’re hiring someone in-house. Plus, freelancers work from home or their own office, so you don’t have to worry about the space constraints either!

2. Look Professional: Every second, your customers are being bombarded with millions of bits of information. Among the chaos, who would you like to be? Just another company that is trying to grab their attention or a company that’s professional and attracts customers through an engaging message? Most writers these days know how to create a SEO (Search Engine Optimised) copy which is a must in today’s Google-dominated world.

3. Someone to Trust: Once you hire a freelancer, the project becomes their first priority. The fact that a freelance writer doesn’t get paid completely until they deliver the goods is something in your favour. A professional freelance writer will not stop until they’ve blown your mind and exceeded your expectations. You finally have someone to depend on — someone on whom you can rely.

4. Get Quality: A freelance writer won’t stop until you’re absolutely happy with the delivery. Why? Because they, along with the work, are their own product. The way a freelance writer conducts business, their attitude and their professionalism all form a part of their business. So you’re bound to get quality when you choose to work with one.

But before you hire a writer, ask yourself if you’re absolutely sure about them. There are many “writer” in the market who ¬†are a dime a dozen with sub-par quality, but they are not who you’re after!

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